Printed Ciruit Board in semi-automatic assembly system

SMT / THT printed board assembly:

If you wish to have a printed circuit board assembled with SMDs, we are your partners. With our semi-automatic assembly system we have specialised in pattern, prototype and small series production of motherboards with standard and fine pitch elements, applying surface mounting technology (SMT) in the reflow soldering process. On request, we will also purchase the materials. Just send us your layout file and you will receive the mounted sub-assemblies.

Assembly system:
essemtec EXPERT-SAFP
Reflow furnace:
essemtec RO06

If your circuit board should contain conventionally wired elements, these will be hand soldered.

Send us your assembly data in ASCII format by e-mail ( We will email or fax an offer

We should also be happy to discuss your order over the telephone or in person.

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