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coin boxes:

For several years our coin-boxes have been used in vending machines and phone boxes. The coin box is inserted into the safe of the machine. It serves as a collecting box for the coins. It makes the carry-off easy and secure.

The robust construction of our coin box allows using the coin box outdoor a temperatures of -40°C to 70°C an high humidity.

coin-box in the safe If the sealed coin box is inserted into the safe of the machine, the aperture will be opened. Coins that are inserted into the machine will be collected in the coin box.

The fill level of the coin box can be checked by two electrodes that are inserted through two holes in rear panel of the coin box. If the coin box is full there will be conduction between the electrodes through the coins.

coin box: the yellow plate closes the coin box To evacuate the coins the safe is opened fist. Then the coin box will be removed pulling the handle. Pulling the box out of the safe, the aperture will be closed automatically. Now coins cannot be removed from the box. The coin box can be secured against unauthorised opening either by a lock or by a lead-wire seal. Only opening the seal makes it possible to open the cover and empty the coin box.

Transport of the coin box The handle is mounted in a way so the two coin boxes can be carried with one hand.

The coin box is RoHS-compliant. The parts of the box a made on plastic (ABS). Plugs, hinge and handle are made of stainless steel (NIRO DIN 1.4301.3c). The parts of the closure head are fixed by 8 hollow rivets. This makes any manipulation visible.


Dimensional Drawing of our coin box The dimensions of the coin-box are 180x118x148 mm³. Different dimensions of coin boxes can be made in AlMg. Please click on the drawing above to obtain a complete dimensional drawing. You can also download the dimensional drawing as pdf: geldkassette.pdf

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